"Be creative with the way you podcast"

Don’t just focus on being a one hit wonder. Take advantage of our incredible podcaster membership package because consistency is the key to success. Our membership package provides you with priority booking, great rates, and the space you need to create top-notch content.

Podcast recording studio
High quality podcast studio
Close up of podcast recording microphone

Podcast Recording

  • Two podcast room options, both are sound treated rooms with equipment, headphones, secure laptop connections, and screens to display your branding.
  • Leave with your podcast recording the same day.
  • Technical Director to assist with set-up, mic checks, recording, and directing of the show.
  • File processing includes adding intros, outros and audio files into the show.
  • Option to video or audio record.
  • Receive your mp3 file immediately. 
  • Virtually connect with those outside the studio via Skype, Zoom, or cell.

Live-Streaming & Video Recording

  • Live-stream your podcast recording on YouTube, Facebook, or Live Kanvas App. 
  • Video record your podcast session in 4K using multiple cameras for a variety of angles. 
  • We provide a “talk show” couch that’s set in our Interview Room, with 3 cameras and a dedicated engineer, where you’re able to customize your set design.
  • iPads are available for you to blog and interact in real time with your viewers via the Live Kanvas App.

Podcast Production

  • The Technical Director provides you with full-service production on your show. 
  • Include sponsorships and advertising.
  • Bare room option that can be used by anyone 
  • Choose from a traditional broadcast set or a cozy show set. 
  • On-site Director of Operations for quality assurance.

Virtual Recording

  • Not located in Atlanta or need to record from home? We offer virtual recordings to connect you and your guests from any corner of the world. Our sound engineer will connect all participants, record, and process the file for you.

We offer up to 10% off your session if allowed to advertise on your podcast with a 15 sec pre and/or post roll.

What Live Stream Services Do We Provide?

We live-stream Podcasts, Performances, Interviews, Webinars, TV Shows, Trade Shows, + MORE

Live-streaming has become the technology that brings together viewers from across the world and all walks of life. Live-stream viewers are afforded the opportunity to feel connected, while actively engaging. Anyone can be a part of your experience through live-streaming!

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